Trust in the process…

When I first met Fabian it was in passing. We shared only minutes but he said something that has not left me to this day. He said “to try reserving my creativity”. What he was referring to was the amount of energy I was throwing at a multitude of projects for others and not really committing to any creative goals of my own. He did not know me at this time but from a far he knew my work in the community and could see how frantically I was trying to get all these tasks done. In a nut shell his point was to focus my talents and create projects in house. In return it would push my ability to help others more. Having already been well aware of a change on the horizon for me professionally… I found his statements raw and intriguing. I thought to myself… why would he go out of his way to give me his truth if it wasn’t just that? I listened as he dissected his opinion and how it related to my business, the whole time being delivered with a muted, very matter of fact tone. I feel like most people in this situation would take offense to someone they just met giving them professional advice they didn’t ask for… in this case I just didn’t.

I took his truth and ran with it soon realizing that it was mine as well. It applied to my design company the same way it applied to his architecture firm. I found my quality of work going up and stress levels going down simultaneously. Not only as people but as creatives especially, we need to embrace the moments of uncertainty, listen when others who have similar struggles give you raw unsolicited advice, and stay the course when building towards our goals. Over the last year we’ve worked together to fully rebrand Modus Operandi Architecture starting from scratch with a new iconic image, eventually building up to launching the MO 2019 website. To complete it took many meetings in person, online discussions, difficult conversations of difference in opinion, walks with the dogs, meals shared, etc… It’s all part of it. I’ve been reminded through my work with MO that to build anything sustainable and worth while, you need to fully commit and always remember to trust in the process…

– Zacc Pollitt (Prove Nothing)

Evolution of the brand identity of Modus Operandi Architecture 2015-2019


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