Green House


Green House

is a testament to the planning and design process. What began as a fusion of interrelated creative ideas, eventually came together as the physical manifestation of what can be achieved when truly ?creative, environmentally conscious minds are allowed off the leash.

In the beginning, a deep site analysis was performed to help determine the right allocation for the house, and which benefited from all nature has to give, including natural ventilation and natural illumination. Then, the design was assigned a series of physical elements created to enhance both the house’s esthetical composition, and it’s sustainability. Among other things, this was achieved by trading traditional power sources for passive energy mechanisms that maximize power output while reducing financial investment.

Finally, one of the major design goals for this project, was to ensure it enhanced it’s local environment while preserving all the natural resources in the fragile surrounding ecosystem.

Nosara – Guanacaste. Costa Rica

Maas Family

Single family home

4,600 sft.

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Menos es Maas+ (Less is more)

Casa Maas was designed to reflect both the urgency and the beauty of mankind’s long overlooked role as caretakers of our planetary garden. While mankind will always need places to call home, Casa Maas stands testament to the truth that there is zero time to lose when it comes to sustainability, both environmentally and spiritually. In this quest, the architect has been given the responsibility to help amend humankind’s karmic impact on both the exogenous (environment) and endogenous (soul/spirit).


EXperience/INperience: As Above,So Below

After centuries spent dominating the natural world for its own ends, humankind is rapidly awakening to the truth that we ARE our environment, and although the consequences of our actions extend way beyond ourselves, they will always come back to us. To coin a worn out platitude, we are? one with the universe.

During the Casa Maas design process, our studio took this idea into serious consideration. Consequently, we planned a house in which the spaces were in alignment with the unique locus of Nosara. The ancients looked to the stars, and performed astrology studies to ?divi?ne information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Our process utilized the same approach, albeit on a smaller scale. Ultimately, our goal was to create a space that brought the inner and outer, the microcosm and the macrocosm, or what we term the INperience and the EXperience, into perfect alignment.