We are weavers of dreams.

Modus Operandi turns these dreams into existence through architectural constructions of reality designed to awaken the senses, and stimulate the heart as much as the mind.

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For Modus Operandi, the concept of ARCHITECTURE is as broad as the scope of its designs. All projects, regardless of scale, are considered brand new opportunities to transcend traditional ideas of time, space and the fusion of the two. Modus Operandi’s pioneering creations reflect the leading edge of a new architectural paradigm, and are at the crest of a new wave of architectural direction. Every project reflects our interpretation of what it means to attain dimensions of greater depth and meaning, in which our modern takes on ‘sacred space’ are designed to infuse one’s soul with a sense of what is possible.

Modus Operandi is committed to dispelling the idea that the ultimate in home comfort requires an huge budget. Our practice is guided by the idea that ‘style’ means many things to different people. Each one of our projects is like each one of our clients unique!


Modus Operandi is committed to:

  • Sustainability (environmental and financial)
  • Conscious spending
  • Maximization of details
  • Varied use between alternative and traditional materials
  • Constructive efficiency
  • Adaptation and integration according to the natural environment
  • Maximizing the homeowner experience
  • Unparallelled levels of COMFORT

Offices Projects

Mixed Use Projects

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