"Observation, study, and hard work lead to knowledge. Knowledge is the catalyst to new perspectives"

Our innovative real estate projects reflect how hard we work to manifest client dreams. Modus Operandi are experts in the following:
  • Cost analysis (land, construction and sale)
  • Financial feasibility models
  • Zoning and segregation
  • Varied use between alternative and traditional materials
  • Project identity and image
  • Project certification

On a general level, ‘ consultancy’ refers mainly to the preliminary studies undertaken before every project. This includes resource identification, logistical issues, program planning, technical studies, and dialogue with the relevant state entities concerning regulations. Modus Operandi draws upon its wealth of experience to deliver gold standard consulting services on residential, mixed use, retail or office projects. These services range from conceptualizing a project, through to mapping, and communicating with the client regarding any key decisions that need to be made at any time during the project. The preliminary studies phase consists solely of information gathering, backed up by an analysis oriented process. During this period, multiple site visits are required for data recollection, physical recognition, and above all, to get a true feel for the land and, the way in which the land calls to us.


Just like all living beings, our environment radically affects the way we conduct our lives. It is vital that we work alongside the natural environment to foster a habitat that positively affects all those who reside there. How do we achieve this ? Through observation and intuition, complemented by a wealth of experience.



Investing in land, particularly as a foreigner, can be a daunting process. Modus Operandi is here to advise and safely guide investors of any profile through the analytic process of any development. Modus Operandi works hand in hand with the developer, offering a robust, structured process that covers any and all potential variables that may arise. Our approach is designed to radically lower the levels of investment risk, and boost client certainty in regards to any and all types of investment.
  • Creation of Land Banks for surplus value purposes
  • Structuring projects according to the best land use vs profitability
  • Costs structuring (land, construction and sale)
  • Feasibility financial models
  • Zoning and segregation
  • Identity and image of projects

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