Costas Verdes

Costas Verdes is a non-profit association dedicated to the restoration of coastal ecosystems in Costa Rica. Our purpose is to bring together those who love nature and harness the movement of restoring and bringing the wildlife to degraded beaches in Costa Rica. We have seven projects in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Our efforts have brought back shade, forest cover and wildlife to deserted beaches.

Nosara Surf Team

Nosara Surf Team is a social aid program for the new generations of Nosara.

Nosara Animal Care

Nosara Animal Care (NAC) is a Costa Rican based, nonprofit, animal welfare organization located in Nosara, Costa Rica. We rehabilitate homeless, injured, and sick animals and find them loving homes.

Vive El Sueño

Vive El Sueño, based in Nosara, Costa Rica, is an educational and financial empowerment program that aims to give Costa Rican nationals (Ticos) the skills, mentorship, and tools to open and sustain their own small businesses as a path to improved standards of living and financial independence.