Welcome to the Nosara community

Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

After 10 years of professional practice in the capital city of San Jose – Costa Rica, Modus Operandi decided to undertake an adventure more aligned with our search for greater awareness. Essentially, it was a search for ideas. Consequently, we felt it was time to seek a higher connection to the source of those ideas, and not just the idea itself. This search eventually lead us to Nosara, Guanacaste – Costa Rica.

Nosara is a town in the North Pacific of Costa Rica, where a community with very particular qualities has evolved in the last three decades. Founded by surfers and yogis, the ideological current of environmental harmony, wildlife protection, natural vibrations, and the powerful connection induced by surfing, yoga, and other holistic pursuits, flows as strong as it ever did. The fusion of these elements is a town called Nosara.

This town is fertile soil in which ideas, not only the personal but also the collective and the communal, can flourish. Among it’s weird and wonderful inhabitants, Nosara boasts a sublime mix of artists, musicians, writers, painters, chefs, healers, yogis, and up and coming surf stars. Combine the townsfolk with the ambiance, sunsets, lifestyle, and countless other character traits of this jungle haven and the net result is as simple as it is spectacular: a beach community unlike any other on the planet

Modus Operandi’s Nosara office exists to develop any project that recognizes authenticity and creativity not as individual qualities, but as a group effort to collectively channel and process ideas.


and let’s discuss the creative strategy to bring your dream to life.