Bienvenidos a Costa Rica

At Modus Operandi we strive to transcend as an architecture studio

Harmonizing design, art, and research is our MO. We are a team that understands creativity not as an individual quality, but as the ability to channel and process ideas. In the studio there is what we call a “community of ideas” where we constantly provide a space for them to flow. The projects are subjected to a horizontal creative process, and, since there are no hierarchical structures, we always care more about the idea than the appropriation of it. We constantly ask ourselves where those ideas come from. And we see as something essential, in our process, the connection with that generating source. To foster this connection, we understand the need to stay awake and aware in our practice, in the daily work. More than a job, we see the tasks of everyday life as an opportunity to practice personal improvement, doing them with passion.